Dirty Little Secrets 5

Hello readers! Yes I am back with another crazy story. If you have read my previous blogs, then you already know what this series is about. Remember in my previous blog Dirty Little Secrets 3, when I introduced a childhood friend named Shauna? If not, then you should go back and read it. Anyway this story is about how Shauna and I stopped being friends.

We were in all the same classes from 6 to 7th grade. That’s how we became so close. We formed a trio with Shauna, this girl Lauren and myself. After I started the rumor about Shauna stuffing her bra, we were kind of still friends, but more like frenemy’s. You know how middle school girls can be. Anyway, so in one of my classes I was friends with this really cool girl named Javee’. Javee’ was heavy set and not the cutest but she was really funny. When Shauna and I were close, she use to talk mad dirt about Javee’. I was friends with both of them so I just kept to myself and didn’t get involved.

One day though, I was outside with some of my classmates in the courtyard, and peeped that Shauna was being real buddy buddy with Javee’. Now, it could have been the jealousy in me that my two separate friends were being friendly towards each other. But, I felt like Shauna was fake as fuck (excuse my language) because she talked so much smack about this girl behind her back. In the mist of me making my “fake ass Shauna” statement, my other friend April asked me if I wanted Shauna to know what I said.

I said, “I don’t care.” And April proceeded to let Shauna know how I felt. Shauna got mad and used choice words (she called me a hoe which made no sense at all, she just wanted something to say). I decided to slap her. I don’t know why I didn’t expect her to hit me back, but she did and we got into a fight in the courtyard. My friends all raced to me when it was over, screaming how awesome it was and how I whooped her ass. We all ran away from the school before any teachers could come outside because Shauna went to go snitch.

When we got back from Thanksgiving break, the principal called me into his office and asked me to write a statement of what happened. After he read my statement he looked at me and basically didn’t believe my shit. I told him Shauna hit me first, which was a lie. Then the same friends that were cheering me on a few days ago snitched on me in their account saying how I started the fight. I don’t know if they actually told, but the principal said that they did and I believed him. Shauna’s mom was so mad she wanted to fight me.

I went home and told my mom I was suspended and all she asked was,”Did you win?”

That’s the end of this series for now. If you want to hear more stories comment bellow. Thanks guys!


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