Dirty Little Secrets 4

If you have read the first 3 blogs of this series, then you should already know what to expect. I have stories for days about my stupid kid logic and what I tried to get away with as a child. So lets continue shall we.

Now this story is a little different because its not something I did or purpose, nor do I think my punishment was necessary. So I’m in the third grade, and I remember we had those huge square desks that you could open up and put your utensils in. We also had assigned seats. I sat behind this chubby kid named, well I don’t remember his name. So I’ll call him, Duane. I sat behind chubby Duane, and all of our desks were in a row. At this particular time, we must not have been doing much work because a lot of my classmates were talking to each other.

I remember tapping chubby Duane on his shoulder to ask him something. He ignored me. I asked him again. He ignored me again. Without thinking I took my pencil and stuck him in the back of the arm to get his attention. It wasn’t sharp, however, immediately the little wimp called the teacher to tell on me. Obviously, I defended the situation because I didn’t think I did anything wrong. After that everything was fine, so I thought.

The next day at school, I’m standing by my locker talking to my friend. This big grumpy lady walked up on me (Remember I am in the 3rd grade) and asked me my name. I told her who I was and low and behold standing behind her is chubby Duane. His mother pointed her finger in my face and went, “Don’t you ever put your hands on my son again!” Then proceeded to show me his scratch that was literally the size of a maggot, if that. In my mind, I’m like, I barely touched dude, it’s not my fault his skin is made of paper. So she proceeded to make a scene and then I got called into the principals office.

Now we had a woman Principal so I’ll call her Shirley. Shirley had the most unflattering makeup I had ever seen. And, I barely knew anyone who wore makeup at that time but it was a hot mess. She looked exactly like someone who was prepared to be in a casket. Anyway, Shirley had expressed to me how disappointed she was of me and how the school doesn’t condone violence or bully’s blah blah blah. And I’m thinking, I’m really getting into trouble for just trying to get his attention? So, Shirley had called my mom and my mom was pissed she had to come to the school, because she was at work. To my surprise my mom wasn’t even mad at me, she was mad at how dumb the situation was and how everyone escalated it to be a hate crime against chubby kids.

Long story short, I was technically suspended for the rest of the day but I still stayed at school anyway. And I didn’t associate with chubby Duane for the rest of the school year. So moral of the story is, when someone is ignoring you, let them. The End.

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