Dirty Little Secrets 2

If you guessed that I have another crazy story to tell you about my kid logic and things I did as a child to manipulate my mom, then you are right! This, as the title states, is Dirty Little Secrets Two. Today my story is short and a sweet. Well, maybe not sweet, but short. Anyway, as a child I can admit that I never enjoyed school work, I can remember getting D’s as early as Kindergarten. No I am not challenged in the least bit, but I’ve come to realize that the way my teachers taught didn’t interest me. So, I found ways to entertain myself.

My favorite things to do in school, appose to actually learning, were talking, drawing, and writing. Of course, my teachers noticed that I wasn’t participating in certain things, so I got in trouble, A LOT! Especially for disrupting class by talking to one of my classmates, instead of doing my own work. One time I got a really bad report card in the sixth grade. I think I had like one B, one A, a D and Two fat F’s. Well, back in the day, Teachers use to let you take home your report card, instead of mailing them out. I could not give that report card to my mom because she would kill me for sure!

In my dumb kid logic, I decided to ask one of my classmates to write a note to my mom that stated, ” Dear Miss Champion. I wanted to let you know that I made a mistake in grading Bre’Onna’s report card. Her actual grade in my class is a B.” She even faked a signature, signed whoever my teacher was at the time. Which by the way is illegal so DO NOT try this at home.  When she finished, I took a black pen and changed one of my F’s to a B. Smart right? To a twelve year old, yes.

So I took my report card home and before I gave the letter and report card to my mom, I briefed her on the misunderstanding. My mom literally stared right into my soul. She didn’t express any sign of emotion what so ever. She read the note and she just looked at me and said, “OK.” In my mind, I knew I was DEAD. I was so nervous I couldn’t even say anything else, so I just walked away and went and hid in the bathroom. Long story short approximately ten minutes later, I told her I was lying and that it was a joke. Honestly, I don’t remember how I got into trouble but I think I was on punishment for a LONG time. She was more mad that I thought I could lie and manipulate her than me getting bad grades. Moral of the story is honesty is the best policy!

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