Learning to Edit

As many of you may know, I am currently a student at Ohio Media School, training to become a video and audio editor, among other roles in production. So far, a lot of my assignments have been radio commercial spots and audio mastery. Well, this past month I had the opportunity to shoot and edit my own TV commercial with the help of some of my classmates. I had to come up with my own pretend product and create a story board that would guide me in editing the footage.

This took place in the month of October, so my classmates and I decided to sell a scary mask. The mask was named “People Repelling Mask.” We envisioned this fake mask to be used to scare away people who you don’t want to bother you. In our story board, we used different scenes to describe how the mask can be used in different scenarios. I created my own voice over and added a music bed to match the story. It was a very fun project and I learned a lot about transitioning and editing video footage and audio. I used Adobe Premier Pro to edit my video footage and also Adobe Audition to edit my Audio.

It all came together with the help of my classmates and my instructors, however, I know as a future editor I have a lot more to learn and a long way to go. Below you can view my 30 sec commercial and 15 sec commercial of the “People Repelling Mask”. The product in the video is fictitious and cannot be sold or advertised.


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