I Vote For Change

In the beginning, I was an undecided voter because I don’t know very much about politics. However, In the past I have voted in two Presidential Elections. I based my past votes on how well the candidate best represented what my community needed for change. This year is my first time participating in the Midterm Elections. The older I get, the more I become aware of how these laws will effect my community. I get a lot of my information from politicians like the Obama’s and Angela Rye. I like to here from politicians who can relate to me as an African American woman and also willing to understand the struggles we face as a society, as well as be apart of the fight for change.

I try not to get too much of my information from traditional news media, because in the past I have found them to report based off bias and not facts. I like to do my own research and actually read into the things that are happening around the U.S. and in Ohio where I reside. Knowing the issues that are close to me and my community, I feel that it’s important to be apart of the change. I said before in my previous blog that we can’t keep ourselves from exercising our right to vote by believing the false pretense that our vote doesn’t matter. Elected State Governors have big influence in presenting a lot of the laws that are passed by Legislature.

For example, in 2005 the “Stand Your Ground Law” was passed by Florida State Legislature, in which a person may defend ones self or others against threats or perceived threats by using lethal force. However, this same law doesn’t seem to apply to or protect people of color who pose no threat. This law gave people who feel that they are a of a superior race, an excuse when using deadly force towards African Americans or minorities. Take the story of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, an African American who was approached by George Zimmerman, a Mexican American. Zimmerman assumed Trayvon to be a threat to a community in which Trayvon was staying with his father and simply walking home. Trayvon ended up losing his life and was demonized by the media, stating that the Stand Your Ground Law was presented in this case. It was definitely arguable but in the end the influence of that law made it possible for George Zimmerman to get away with murder.

The point is that it’s important to help elect Governors in your state who will hire the people willing to make change. The state laws are going to effect you the most. This past Midterm Election gave Democrats control of the House of Representatives which will affect the 2020 Presidential Election. I voted because there was a time when my ancestors weren’t given that right and the people who fought for us made it possible for me to be able to vote today. Change doesn’t just happen, you have to be willing to be apart of the fight and understand that you’re making things better not only for you but for future generations. Numbers is what it will all come down to in the 2020 Presidential Elections.





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