Make Your Vote Count

The midterm election is right around the corner on November 6. It’s very important for us to vote  because this election determines the Senate and the House of Representatives for the 2020 elections. I’m not sure if you have been watching the news or online lately, however, there is so much media coverage on The White House, surrounding Trump and the Republican Party. Not in a good way I might ad.

If you are 18 or older, you should definitely exercise your right to vote. I know a lot of millennials in general, feel as though our vote doesn’t count. We can’t expect different results if we continue to cower under the false pretense that our vote doesn’t count. The reason mid-term elections are so important is because the elected Senate and House of Representatives will have a big affect on what happens in the 2020 Presidential election.

I know many of you may not care about politics and the details, but, whether we like it or not, we will all be effected. And even when you don’t vote, you’re still choosing to let someone else be your voice. It may not seem important when you’re young because you just not might be aware. Still take time to get to know the candidates who best represent what you want in change. Don’t just vote based off bias, because that result may backfire as well. I don’t know a lot about politics, however I am willing to learn the things I need to know to benefit myself and my community.

This year is especially important because I believe that with all the scandal surrounding the current President, we need to put people in power who are willing to change the dynamic of how people in power are held accountable for committing illegal acts. If people can be willing to see things from a different perspective, I think it can make a difference in the poles.

I just wanted to remind you all how important it is to vote. Make your vote count in the 2018 Midterm elections. Following this blog is a survey I would like my readers to take. Feel free to comment.



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