America’s Got No Talent

Those of you may know that I am training to become a cinematographer. I have been learning to shoot video and edit based on the story line related to the footage. One of our assignments was to create a 10 minute video based on a popular show. My group and I created a a video that is basically a spoof of America’s Got Talent. I helped come up with the idea and the script. The script was pretty simple because a lot of the video was improve.

I acted as the host for the show America’s Got No Talent. My classmates acted as the contestants to see who could perform their worst talent to the judges. There was Kayla as the want to be Beyonce’. Jay as a guy who could fart the alphabet from A-Z. And London who came up with this ridiculous, yet catchy jingle. The video took about a few hours to make and my classmate Jay took the raw footage and edited it.

The video came out great in my opinion, for our first project. My favorite part of the video was watching the contestants perform horribly. I actually shared the video on Facebook and it got great feedback. One thing I thought we could have done better was end the video actually showing which contestant made it to the next round of judging. But, like I said the video was only 10 minutes and the footage we got told the story.

I’m sure there will be more video projects where I can actually show my skills in shooting and editing. This was a great and fun experience. You can follow the link below and watch the video. Feel free to comment and share it.


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