My Experience As An Intern

Many of you that follow me may know that I am a student attending Ohio media school. I have been gaining a lot of experience working with audio and video as well as interning for radio and different events. I feel as though I am growing in the industry and trying to learn as much as I can. Every morning I have my own radio show on called “Morning Tea with Bre.” Being a student at OMS has taught me a lot about Media and getting out there in the industry. I am enjoying getting different opportunities to network. 42553045_340589319821570_9055077752757183460_n

Saturday, October 13th I attended a fashion show at the University of Akron. Nightmare on the Runway, hosted by my mentor Crisis M Banks and his guest host Jessi Jetz. I was there in attendance as an intern for Perfect Triangle Media doing interviews and such. I got to interview a few of the designers and get a background of their overall journey. I also Interviewed a makeup artist as well as a barber. Bre Runway

One of the designers clothing line is called Current Movement. They are based out of Columbus and the overall look can be described as urban or edgy. I really liked the energy from his models and the clothes were nice. He also had dancers as part of his production so I was very entertained. Another designer by the Name of Mr. Wayne, has his own bow tie line called, Royal Ties. It was a very classy, Casual look. He specializes in designing ties, scarves, pocket squares and the such.

My favorite line I didn’t actually get the name of, however, his line displayed a lot of distressed jeans and shirts, which I loved. Overall, the designers and the models did a great job. The dancers were outstanding. Crisis was an amazing host and Jessi Jetz did her thing as well. Both doing great at keeping the crowd interested and entertained. The crowd at times definitely needed a little help getting hyped up.

I will say I haven’t been to many fashion shows, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. However, being back stage and actually seeing how everything was being ran was a good experience for me. I do think the fashion show could have been more organized in transitioning as well as being on time. Other than that I feel like it was great and I can’t wait to see more from the designers. You can follow some of the designers, make up artists and hosts on Instagram with the links bellow. You can also listen to my Morning Tea With Bre radio show every Monday from 9 a.m to 10 a.m.



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