My Journey

I wanted to do a more personal blog for my readers to get an idea of who I am. I want you to read this article and hopefully be able relate to what I am going to say. I apologize if it’s a little long. I know I can’t fit all the details of my life in one blog post so I will try to summarize it as best as I can.

First I want to properly introduce myself. My name is Bre’Onna Champion, hence, the name of my blog “Bre Champ Daily New’s.” For a long time I hated my name. Not my last name because being a champion is cool as shit. But, my first name, I just felt that my mom didn’t put much thought into it LOL. Of course now being older I think differently and I’m proud of my name and what it represents. Even if there is 3,000 Breonna’s in Cleveland…allegedly. Maybe even more. There’s probably a Breonna born to 1 in 3 women every day. Just kidding, but back to our regularly scheduled program. My name Bre’Onna, means to be noble and strong. I looked it up when I was in middle school. I do believe that when you’re born, the name that is given to you becomes a manifestation of who you are. Sounds crazy right? Well, I love to read and over the past few years I have read a lot of self transformation and deep thinking books. I do believe that I became my name and now I’m able to appreciate it and understand who I am.

Most importantly I’ve been discovering reasons why I am the way I am. I’ve always been into psychology, reading, writing and arts. In grade school I was not an over achiever or even a straight A student. I ALWAYS did the bare minimum. In kindergarten, I taught myself how to pronounce big words and read small chapter books, because I loved reading so much. I use to save my Halloween costumes and act out plays. I use to pretend to be a teacher, a tap dancer or whatever I could think of. I even use to write up student assignments by hand and grade my cousins assignments. I drew still life drawings before I went to the Cleveland School of Arts and learned what still life was. My point being I was always a creative child and used my imagination in every way that I could. Not to mention I’m the oldest of my siblings and cousins so I pretty much taught myself everything. However, when it came to school I didn’t apply myself at all. I probably had Honor roll and Merritt roll once in my life and both the same school year. I hated school, school work, homework and tests. I’m not really sure why, I just would rather be hands on with projects and things that I was interested in. None of the subjects were interesting enough to keep my attention so I got a lot of C’s and at least one F. I’m talking from kindergarten up to Middle school. High school I took a little more seriously because I wanted to go to college but I sill gave an average performance.

My mom made me audition for the Cleveland School of the Arts because she always noticed my creativity and the skills I displayed in my drawings. I was in the fifth grade at the time  and I was so shy and nervous. My major was art of course. When I got in I felt like I was special. I was surrounded by a bunch of kids who were like me. Artistic and needed a place to exercise that creativity. I wish I was able to enjoy some of the opportunities that came with being a student there but in my 8th grade year toward the end of the last semester, my mom moved us to Akron. I was so sad and depressed about it. Remember though, my grades weren’t that great so I probably would have been kicked out at some point anyway from continued academic probation.

So I finished high school in Akron. Went to college, failed out of college. Went back to college, failed out of college again. And it’s not that I couldn’t do the work. I just didn’t want to. I always saw myself as a college student but didn’t think about how much support and discipline I would need to graduate. I had it all mapped out. I would start college at 18 years old, do 8 years and graduate with my Ph. D in psychology with a minor in journalism at the age of 25. Boy was a wrong. I mean I probably could have done it, with help and support and discipline as I said before. But life happened the way it was suppose to which brought me to where I am now.

Last year I was so depressed because I watched so many of my peers lives passing me by. From graduating college, to having kids and even moving out of state. I just didn’t understand what my purpose was and what I needed to do to get my life back on track as a 24 year old college drop out. Mind you, in the time that I was in college, I jacked up my credit, moved around a lot and even got a criminal record that to this day can never be expunged.

I took ownership of the stupid things I did in my early 20’s and realized that my mistakes were a result of the things I wasn’t taught as a young adult. Regardless I had to sit down and analyze myself and recognize my cycle of bad behavior based on the way I think. So I read more self transformation books and changed the way I thought. I also became a very hard worker and took being an adult more seriously. I understand myself more and more everyday and that’s when I re-discovered my passion for being creative. Which is why I decided to become a student at Ohio Media School, where I can exercise my creativity. My end goal is to do screen play writing and work for a production company. I’m also a licensed cosmetologist and lash tech, so I also want to work with fashion and be apart of the beauty industry.

Everyday I thank God for giving me the opportunity to live in my purpose. I pray for discipline, strength, the courage to believe in myself and all that I can be and most importantly patience. Because life may seem like its moving fast all around you, but you have to live at your own pace and take the time to get to know you. You’re past is simply that and as long as you have learned from your mistakes, you’re constantly growing.


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