Black Men Can’t Own Homes

Americas views on black people have been influenced for years by the way we are portrayed in the media and on television. It’s not surprising when you hear about white people calling the police on black people for no reason. When a black family moves into a predominately white neighborhood, they are automatically assumed to be out of place. We’ve heard silly reasons why white people call the police on black people, from barbecuing, to selling water on the side walk of their own condo. Well apparently, black men can’t own homes either.

In the early morning of August 19, Karl Robinson, a 61 year old black male was moving into his new home. He was approached by an officer around 2:30 am in response to a call about a burglary. Given the time and the unfamiliar face, I can understand why a phone call may have been made by neighbors. However, the way the officer handled the situation upon arrival was unjust. Keep in mind, it is not illegal to move late at night or or early in the morning no matter how unfamiliar the person may seem.

ny-1538665366-b804uxortm-snap-imageAfter noticing the officers concern, Robinson offered his identification and suggested going inside his home to get additional documentation. However, instead the officer chose to arrest him. Sounds crazy right? More officers arrived to the scene as Robinson sat outside his home in handcuffs for a few minutes. Once the officers found documentation confirming Robinson’s ownership, they apologized and he was released. They then asked if he understood the reason for him being handcuffed. This is the part that I don’t understand. Robinson initially offered his own documentation, but the officer claimed that they handcuffed him until they could corroborate Robinson’s story.

Robinson stated, “If I had been a white man that wouldn’t have happened”. More than one incident like this has been reported over time and it is unfair. A man should not have been criminalized in front of his own property. Had Robinson not been so calm and tired from his move, there is no telling how the incident could have escalated. Thankfully it ended on a better note.

As a society we have to do better. We can’t let our bias affect how we judge and treat each other as human beings. please comment your thoughts.


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