Lets Talk About Sex

Let’s be honest, we all like sex. However, not many people actually like to talk about it. It can become a very uncomfortable conversation. Well, sex is actually beneficial for your health. Which is why this article is very important. I want all my readers to be aware of how sex can help you improve your health by decreasing stress.

Sex is an exciting form of exercise. Increasing your heart rate and working mostly all of the muscles in your body. It has been proven to reduce stress, improve sleep and boost your mood. In a study of 30, 000 men and women between 1989 and 2012, it was found that having sex at least once a week in a committed relationship was enough to make people happy. 161004160648-01-sex-is-good-for-you-After an orgasm, a hormone that relaxes you called, Prolactin, is released. The combination of prolactin and endorphins, are why most people sleep better after sex.

Study’s show that sex can also improve your heart health and boost your immunity to fight off disease. Researchers conducted a study at Wilkes University on how often the students had sex each week and compared the levels of immunoglobulin. Students who had sex at least once a week, had the highest levels of immunoglobulin, 30% higher than those who had no sex. Men who have sex at least two times a week are 45% less likely to have heart disease than men who only have sex once a month or less. Healthy-Reasons-to-Have-Sex- These are just some of the benefits that sex can have on your health. Not to mention, that it feels good. So remember, less stress, more sex. Please comment your thoughts.




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