Man killed, Officer fired

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, then you may have no idea who Botham Jean is and why his case is so interesting. Botham jean was a 26 year old African American male, who was shot and killed in his own apartment by an off duty Dallas police officer. Amber Guyger, is white, was said to be returning home from a twelve hour shift at the Dallas police department. In her version of events, she seemed to have mistook Jeans apartment for her own. Upon entering, she noticed the door was ajar and believed there was a burglar in her home. She also claimed that the apartment was dark and that she could not recognize that she was not in her own home. She described what was a dark shadow, in which,  she called out verbal commands before firing two shots at the victim. Shortly after shooting him, she turned on the lights and came to the realization that she was not in her home and proceeded to call 911.Botham Jean alone lamar OIS_1536875236019.png_6063853_ver1.0_640_360

Jean was rushed off to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Witnesses say they heard knocking on a door, that was later followed by two gun shots. A witness was said to have heard a woman yelling,”Let me in!” before shots were fired, according to Jean’s family attorney, Lee Merritt. Lee Merritt has disputed a number of Guyger’s claims. In an interview with CNN, he argued that Jean’s door could have not been ajar because the doors in the building are designed to close automatically. He declined to offer a theory about what actually took place, but revealed that the apartment directly below Jean, which happened to be Guyger’s, had made more than one noise complaint. Reports also state that the arrest affidavit for Guyger contradicted the search warrent for Jean’s apartment.merlin_144248181_3e688389-c9ec-4ae0-b233-457117d8deac-articleLarge

In the initial Affidavit Guyger claims to have seen a “Large silhouette” when she entered Jeans apartment. However, the search warrant states that Jean “confronted the officer at the door” after she opened the door “with a set of keys.” A few days after the shooting Guyger was arrested and charged with manslaughter. After facing criticism for taking no action against Guyger, Dallas police announced on September 24, she had been fired from the department. Rumors have circled online of claims that the victim and Guyger may have known each other previous to the assault, but there has been no evidence to prove it. This case has opened up a new debate about police brutality. It was proven that Officer Guyger was on the police force at the time but was “Off duty” at the time of the shooting. Therefore, why was she being protected as if she was on duty? And, the fact that there hasn’t been any reports of a search warrant for her apartment raises questions. Why did they search the victims apartment instead? Over all this is a sad story of a man who lost his life in his own home. Also raises questions as to what mind state Guyger was in at the time that she entered the home of Jean. Please Comment your thoughts.


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